Flip Your Happy Switch On

Train your brain to be more positive in 21 days with these 6 techniques.


The Crude Blueprint for Happiness


“If I work harder, I’ll be more successful. And if I’m more successful, then I’ll be happier. That undergirds most of our parenting styles, our managing styles, the way that we motivate our behavior.” ((Shawn Achor, “The Happy Secret to Better Work”))

That downward Spiral

Let me tell you, an event occurred in my life fifteen years ago that left me devastated.  I found myself in such a deep hole that I became self-destructive and hateful.  I moved across country.  I thought this would fix me; fix the underlying damage.  However, I intentionally moved in with the most toxic person I know on this planet: my mother.  I knew it was a dangerous move.  I chose not to hear all higher powers including my own inner voice.  When I didn’t think things could get worse, they got much, much worse.

Path to Repair PostponedReal-moments-196x300

Now living in some stranger’s garage; hungry, beat down, and feeling so unloved I took a walk.  I walked and walked and walked.  I came to a park bench, sat and cried.  I had never been faced with that kind of fear.  There on the bench was a book.  It looked like it had never been read.  Real Moments: Discover the Secret for True Happiness.  I read the first page and brought the book back with me to the garage I was living in.  Because life took me for such a spin and I didn’t put the brakes on for five minutes to listen to my heart, I didn’t get back to reading that book for nearly a year.  Instead of reading that book and finding happiness, I got married.  I thought he loved me, I thought that was enough to make me happy.  We bought a house. I was still miserable.  I was working several part time jobs I really liked.  I was still so unhappy.

Then One Bright Sunny Day

The following spring, over a year after moving across the nation, I was sun worshiping on my back porch.  I had a stack of books I grabbed from my library.  There in that stack was the book I found on a bench.

“Paying attention to the moments in your life as they unfold is what having real moments means, moments when you are fully present, fully feeling, fully alive.” ((Barbara de Angelis, Real Moments: Discover the Secret for True Happiness , Dell Publishing, 1995))

I highlighted important points, made notes in the margin, but I just didn’t absorb it to my necessary potential.  The Universe, however, opened my heart to receive; receive more information about what I deserved.  I became a magnet for books that spoke to my ♥!


The Celestine Prophecy -Movie or Book?Celestine-Prophecy-Flip-Your-Happy-Switch-On-194x300

Both!!  While the movie is quite low budget, it is great to help introduce someone to the insights.  Especially the insight about energy and how you see and feel it.  They use the main character as an example talking to a woman leaning in toward her.  She is repelled rather than interested due to how he impedes on her space, her energy field.  This was important for me because I am a textile learner, more visual.  Seeing the example come alive rather than reading about it made it clear for me.  The author, James Redfield has written two sequels to The Celestine Prophecy, check those out.

Neverending Reading List

I could spend hours reviewing books in this article, but that would make for a terribly lengthy article.  See reading recommendations at the end of the article.

I’d like to tell you about a video I came across just over a year ago.

I actually found this scanning Netflix.  I watched it, got excited and grabbed writing materials and watched it again.  I was humored but I was greatly enlightened.  Now I have watched many enlightening videos, but this article is not about those videos.  This article is about a life hack to train your brain.  This video explains how to train your brain in 21 days using the techniques I will describe to you.

Small Changes Ripple Outward

This is my plan for creating a lasting positive change borrowed mostly from the TED Talks Happy Secret to Better Work video:

  • Write 3 gratitudes daily
  • Journal 1 positive experience daily
  • Exercise at least 25 minutes daily
  • Meditate Daily (at least 10 minutes)
  • Daily random acts of kindness

Now I don’t always journal my gratitudes, sometimes I post them on my Facebook.  I don’t always end up writing down my positive experience because I will often share it with my family over dinner, or a friend in other forms of communication.  The daily acts of kindness can be something as simple as offering to take someone’s empty grocery cart to the corral or send a ‘thinking of you’ email to an old neighbor or posting an uplifting photo on a friend’s Facebook page.  Making that connection, that unexpected pleasantry, reinforces a higher frequency; a frequency that goes global.  I’d love to be able to say that I practice Yoga on a daily basis, but the truth is, I just don’t.  If I had an explanation, I would humbly share it with you.  I do, however borrow from it, and stretch daily before I go to a very strenuous job.  When meditating, I choose a mantra fitting for the time in my life.  Such as “I want peace” or “I desire love”  Visualizing yourself in an environment you desire is also a way of raising your frequency as well. Focus Wheel Focus Wheels can be a great way of shifting your vibration to a higher point.

There are many great articles and people that can assist you along the journey toward happiness.  In fact, I have had the recent pleasure of meeting and working with a wonderful woman, Margaret Saunders (log into your Facebook) that does just that.  She assists in creating a “harmonising energy”.
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